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Kayleigh Collins


My Roots

11 years ago I started my Salesforce® journey as an advocate for children and families, and became the Salesforce® Admin for an incredible nonprofit called Echoing Green


I was so inspired to help more nonprofits that I became the Co-Owner of a Salesforce® consulting company called OpenTent. My team and I successfully implemented Salesforce® for 50+ organizations. But I saw that staff on those teams needed support to really get the most out of their Salesforce® after launch.


I started creating training programs for Salesforce Admins to learn to lead technical building and user adoption for their teams. I hired, onboarded and coached 30+ Salesforce® Admins, 90% of which now manage their Salesforce® without relying on consultants. Since then, coaching Salesforce® teams has been my jam. My goal is to help your team achieve long-term Salesforce® success that is driven by your people. 


When you work with Kay Coaching, you work with me directly. You also get the brain power of my community!

More About Me

I am a personal growth enthusiast, tech nerd, first generation college grad, New Yorker, former case worker, powerlifting MC, crafts dabbler, aspiring dog whisperer, and proud wife & soon-to-be mom. I'm always up for a chat!

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